Our Engagements

Urban Artroom

Urban Artroom is a Swedish – art gallery that is dedicated exclusively to advancing street art, graffiti and the urban art scene to the new generation of art collectors. This is the only dedicated art gallery in Scandinavia for urban art. Urban Artroom works with marketing of street art using social selling platforms, online stores, TV channel as well as related businesses like art fairs, book publishing and event marketing for the Nordics and key art markets globally. Hampro is a major investor in urban artroom and one of our partners acts as chairman of the board. www.urbanartroom.se



Northtravel is at a early start up phase – a company that focus on recreational, hunting and fishing trips with personal service and special expertise in Sweden. Northtravel arranges recreational, fishing and hunting trips and nature experience for companies and private individuals to Swedish Lapland, but also to other parts in Europe. We act as an online travel agency – broker with main focus on nature experiences. We have key partnerships hotels, guides and private houses but also look for investments in recreational property. Hampro is the majority shareholder of Northtravel.

Art Promotion

Jorgen Hammar is a Swedish artist who works with sculpture, paintings and graphics. He is represented in major museums and private collections globally. Jorgen Hammar is a well established Swedish artist who has public work in many locations as well as exhibitions in Sweden and abroad . Hampro acts as an agent and advisor to Jorgen Hammar for sales and marketing. Hampro also work with business development and provide the online and social media platforms for jorgenhammar.se. www.Jorgenhammar.se

American Association of Inside Sales (“AA-ISP”)

AA-ISP is an international association dedicated exclusively to advancing the profession of Inside Sales. Based in the Minneapolis, MN, USA, AA-ISP is the only association of its kind, the AA-ISP serves as an authoritative resource to leaders and individual sales representatives who want to take their organization and careers to the next level of professionalism and performance. One of our partners acts as advisor to the AA-ISP leadership team and sits on the advisory board. www.aa-isp.org