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Back2back is dedicated to advancing street art, graffiti and the urban art scene to the new generation of art collectors. We work with marketing of art using social selling platforms, online stores, TV channel as well as related businesses like art fairs, book publishing and event marketing for the Nordics and key art markets globally.www.back2back.eu



Buygraff promote urban contemporary art and is a trademark of the artist management company Back2Back. Buy high quality art from our world renowned artists on our online store www.buygraff.com

Jörgen Hammar

Jorgen Hammar is a Swedish artist who works with sculpture, paintings and graphics. He is represented in major museums and private collections globally. Jorgen Hammar is a well established Swedish artist who has public work in many locations as well as exhibitions in Sweden and abroad . Hampro acts as an agent and advisor to Jorgen Hammar for sales and marketing. Hampro also work with business development and provide the online and social media platforms for jorgenhammar.com. http://www.jorgenhammar.com